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The three patron spirits of Afrikan Magick Temple are listed below. They are patron spirits because they built the foundations upon which our shrine began twenty-three years ago. Persons getting initiated at our shrine will be introduced to Torgbe Dzorkpata and 


Akain or Togbe Akain is a master spirit or an entity from the sun sphere. The day of the week that Akain supervises is Sunday. Akain’s element is water and is therefore a water spirit. 

Akain controls the souls of those who have died traumatic or tragic deaths. This perhaps, sounds cruel given that these individuals have already suffered a great deal. In our folk traditions however, it is believed that these souls need to perform service for the living before they are granted entry to the realm of the dead.


Akain is dressed in aureate robes and headgear and holds a long golden staff in his hands. Akain’s colour is gold and attracts wealth and fame to those who hold him as a partner spirit. He is accompanied by seven servants who are perpetually prostrate before him. Akain can be petitioned in such matters as child birth, impotency or barrenness, marital and amorous issues, as well as for good luck in business affairs. 

Akain also can be called upon when spiritual guidance through the psychic world, such as clairvoyance, is needed. Akain is a kind and trustworthy spirit that is ready to help his devotees achieve success in the physical and psychic realm.
Those interested in acquiring Akain as a guiding spirit can contact Afrikan Magick Temple for further inquiries.


Dzorkpata or Torgbe Dzorkpata is a Mars sphere entity. His colors are, unsurprisingly, pronounced shades of red and his element, also unsurprising, is fire. His ruling, or most active days, are Tuesdays and Saturdays. The word Dzorkpata can be translated to “sudden happenings” in Ewe.

The character of this deity can be likened to the Archangel Samuel who is often referred to in that tradition as “Venom of God” or “Wrath of God.” In the Yoruba lens, this entity resembles Baba-lu Aye/Ogun/Shango. Dzorkpata is extremely bellicose and embodies masculine energy and, as a result, often wreaks havoc and destruction. He is considered responsible for the consciousness or state of being that leads to rage and violence. This spirit is also, regardless of appellatives and different cultural conceptions, responsible for both starting and ending epidemics, famine, and other such cataclysm.


Though Dzorkpata is not at all peaceful, his presence can have many benefits in the life of someone who carries him as a partner spirit. Dzorkpata can be used in parrying sudden and unexpected hardship or calamity or for fending off potential malicious intent. Dzorkpata delivers those who carry him from most accidents, robbery and rape, as well as a plethora of attacks both spiritual and physical.


This is an excellent partner spirit for those who find themselves in situations or circumstances full of risk. He is also an indispensable companion to those who engage in intense competition,and also for those who want to acquire wealth and property in order to take care of their families.


Abraxas refers to a universal consciousness— that when experienced—the boundaries between self and all else are dissolved. In Kabballah there is a concept called Shemhamphorasch which refers to the seventy-two names of God. Shemhamphoras are God’s archangels, of whom there are also seventy-two. Half of these archangels work during the day and for good and the other half work at night and for forces that would not benefit us.

The Abraxas ceremony is the third force that harmonizes day and night and allows one to be righteous and fruitful in his or her endeavors. This energy, or access to a universal consciousness, is inherent in the human soul however, and merely lays dormant, waiting to be awakened. When awakened, this energy invites one to knowledge, wisdom and contentment. It is a guiding force that compels one to mean well and to do good. Souls, in fact, desire progress toward the universal consciousness, or what some may call God. 


Abraxas is an attainment of spiritual enlightenment that is not limited to one person. Afrikan Magick Temple uses this force to open spiritual doors for the practitioner. An herbal bath is made consisting of many disparate elements such as animal hides, oils, water from the Red Sea, Ganges, Nile, and Volta as well as Zamzam (well water from Mecca). During the ceremony, the practitioner may begin to feel tremors. Sometimes these become very pronounced and uncontrollable.
The reason for this is that the bath breaks the natural “shell” around an individual. This “shell”
exists to protect that individual from negative energy. It also, however, prevents positive forces from reaching the individual.


The Abraxas bath breaks this initial “shell” so that once can physically feel and connect with energies. The strength of each shell depends on the individual; some individuals will need more work in the ritual than others.


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