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It is important to note that true psychic development requires guidance from experienced healers. 

Even the most spiritually gifted individuals need to be taught how to use their talents efficaciously. This is the only way to achieve your full spiritual potential. Indeed, great healers are not entirely self-taught, for they had to learn from other healers of how to benefit humanity. That said, anyone can begin triggering spiritual evolution by simply acknowledging the inherent divinity within themselves.

The first way to begin is to offer habitual libations to Mother Earth and one’s ancestors. Libation is key for communicating with the spirit world because it honors the sacred nature of the Earth and oneself. Without Mother Nature, the world will not exist. Likewise, without our ancestors we will never be born- their blood runs through our veins.

This simple ritual is done once a week (or daily if possible) by standing barefoot facing east and pouring water, or any clear hard liquor, on the ground. In Vodun, the right hand is used to pray to the Earth and spirits, whereas the left hand is reserved for ancestors. In a prayer, one must voice out appreciation for life and ask for protection. Generally, people ask for protection against death, sickness, bad luck, poverty, etc. for themselves and their family and friends. Certainly, one can ask for wishes to be granted. However, the spirits and ancestors are more likely to answer to what you need, not what you want.

The second way to do this is to create an altar to venerate your ancestors. This can be done by, firstly, covering a table, stool, or shelf with a white cloth to serve as the foundation for the shrine. Next, place 1, 3, or 9 glasses on the altar.

You should then place things like photographs and religious (spiritual) symbols that remind you of your ancestors. So, for example, while an African person can have a Sankofa symbol on their ancestral shrine, an Indian person can have a picture of the Hindu elephant deity, Ganesha.
Anytime you want to pray to your ancestors, fill the glasses with fresh water.


This should be done at least once a week. If possible, light a white candle asking your ancestors for guidance, wisdom, protection, peace, love, and more. You can continue by reciting any prayer that reminds you of your ancestors.

Meditate over the flame thinking about the hardships and sacrifices your ancestors endured for you contemplating about both known and forgotten ancestors. Understand and appreciate that you are so much more than you think - you are never truly alone. Let the candle burn for a few minutes or hours, but never leave it unattended. When done, extinguish the flame by pinching it with your fingers. Occasionally, you may place a bouquet of flowers or even fruits on your shrine. Just make sure to dispose of them when they start decomposing. Ideally, prayer should be done at dawn or after midnight, however, anytime will generally be fine.

Another way to enhance your spiritual inhibitions is through fumigation- the act of burning incense (sage, lavender, cedar, etc.) or dried herbs to cleanse an area. The practice clears spiritual and emotional negativity that has built up in a body or a space. When we walk around we not only accumulate physical dust on our bodies, we also amass spiritual dirt.

Fumigation removes this negative energy. It also makes it easier for spirits/ancestors to communicate with you in a given space. To start, one can light incense and walk around the room (anti-clockwise) saying “ I cleanse this area from any negative energies”. It is important to use incense with cleansing properties like those listed above, for some incense attract not repel. Now that the room is re-energized, you can meditate or do a short prayer to your ancestors or spirits, their ears will be wide open.

The day after the fumigation, you should sprinkle a purification potion around to attract positive energy back into the space. A simple concoction can be made using Florida Water, gin (or white rum), holy water (or sea water, river water etc.), and white powders like talcum powder and cascarilla (Efun). When sprinkling, you should say all the positive things you want to attract in your life such as health, wealth, love, friendship, to list a few. You can also rub this mixture onto your head, hands, and body for rejuvenation. This ritual should be done anytime you move into a new room or house. It is important because even dormant negative energies can harm you.

All these rituals can be done to enhance one’s psychic abilities at home. But how will you know if you are evolving? The answer is simple: observe the efficacy of your prayers. Ask your ancestors (or spirits) to complete specific tasks (getting a new job, cure from an illness, or finding a suitable romantic partner) and see if they manifest into reality. Practice without verifiable results is not spirituality. Another indicator of psychic evolution is through dreams.


An individual undergoing spiritual evolution will sometimes have dreams that will predict the future. The more spiritually developed an individual is, the more frequent and vivid these dreams will become. If none of these things are happening after a month of practice, then you probably need help from an experienced spiritualist. Indeed, certain people carry more spiritual dirt and require more thorough spiritual cleansing. For those that find these techniques useful, please share your experience with us on our Testimonial page. We hope you found this information useful.


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